3 Reasons Why You Should Take a Loan from Micro Credit 

It is very frustrating when you have an emergency or need money to fix your needs, and you don’t have it. It is not just mentally draining but psychologically and physically stressful.

In such situations, many turn to their circle of relations while others may run to financial institutions to seek financial help. In the end, you either get the help, or your problem gets compounded when you are told you don’t qualify.  

In this article, we will give you three important reasons why Micro Credits companies are the ideal places to seek financial help in such situations. 

1. Good for emergencies

Getting a loan from a micro-credit can be as easy as ABC, especially when you find the right company. Unlike the traditional banks that take longer to disburse loans because of the tedious processes, micro credits like SRF even do instant disbursement. That makes it easy for you to attend to your needs on time. 

2. Good for all categories of people

Another reason why loans at micro credits are good is that they fit all classes of people. Whether you are a low-income or a high-earner, you can get a loan as low as GHS 500 and as high as GHS 50,000. At traditional banks, it is difficult for people who don’t earn a good monthly salary to secure a facility. But micro credits often have personal loans for people who may not be earning monthly. They also make provisions for people who are into SMEs or start-up businesses. 

3. Flexible repayment plan and collateral-free

Micro credits are very flexible with their repayment plan. Also, many of them do not take any collateral as a part of the prerequisite for a loan application unless you are applying for a collateral loan package. 

In conclusion, these and many more are reasons why getting a loan from micro credit is ideal and better than traditional banks. 

But if you are already looking for a loan facility to solve your needs, look no further. SRF is a call away from you. 

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