4 Ways To Survive Financially As A Francophone In Ghana

Cultures vary from one country to another. As a result, moving from your country to another is generally a bit difficult due to the uncertainties. But the level of difficulty in adapting to a new environment is largely dependent on the individual in question.

Ghana is one of the African countries mostly visited by francophones for many purposes such as studies, greener pastures, and business transactions among others. Many of the Francophones I interact with on a daily basis have admitted that life in Ghana is really financially challenging. 

That’s why this article seeks to educate fellow francophones on how they can survive financially in Ghana.  Follow these points carefully and you can be sure of living a simple but wonderful life in Ghana. 

1.  Know your income source

When you move to Ghana, it is important to be aware of your income source, (from your parents or a job). This is important because it enables you to determine the minimum and maximum amount of money you may spend on regular bases.  

Additionally, this helps you to choose the type of life you should live in order to prevent early breakage. In essence, being aware of where your money comes from is the best starting point to make a realistic budget.

2.  Adapt to local culture/foods

Find out the local customs as soon as possible because it will allow you to be aware of the local Ghanaian dishes and culture. In my daily interaction with francophones, the majority of them admit that the continental dishes are much more expensive than the Ghanaian local dishes. Hence learning to eat Ghanaian foods will help you to save money. 

All I am saying is to get used to eating local meals because they are accessible and affordable rather than always looking for foods from your home country in Ghana. 

3.  Set a good monthly budget

While a good budget may be relative, it implies cutting your cloth according to your size. Having a good monthly budget gives you a comprehensive perspective of all of your expenses and enables you to determine the most effective way to manage your finances. 

You have the chance to determine your daily, weekly, and monthly expenses on things like transportation, feeding, clothes, and other personal stuff.

4.  Put a limit to outings

I always advise that Francophones should learn to enjoy their lives indoors more than outdoors if they want to survive in a place like Ghana where the cost of living is so high. This is because it cuts down your spending cost. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying don’t enjoy yourself outside your room. I am only saying that, learn to enjoy indoors sometimes. I like hanging out with friends, but I am very careful not to overdo it.

Also, don’t be afraid to quit following friends who are only interested in outing activities.

In conclusion, everyone’s ability to survive in Ghana largely depends on their style of life. But I can assure you that when you consider the aforementioned points, your life in Ghana will be easy and fantastic. 

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