4 Ways to Find a Reliable Microcredit Company in Ghana

Microcredit is a great way to access quick loans or credit to expand your business or attend to your urgent as well as your planned needs. 

This is because the processes involved in accessing the funds are not so strict and tedious as compared to traditional banks. 

But the real problem is how do you find a reliable company that you can trust given that there are loads of fraudulent activities in our society today. 

Well, come with me as I take you through 4 simple ways to find a credible Microcredit company in Ghana.  

1. Google Search and recommendation

We live in a digital world and getting information is just at a click of a button. More often than not, companies that are found on the internet either through google my business or the company’s website are usually trustworthy. 

The good thing is almost everyone uses a smartphone now and that can easily be used to pull great information on the internet.  But note that, whatever you type on the internet is exactly what you get in return. So be specific about what you are searching for on the internet. 

Apart from that, If you have a friend or family member who has ever used or knows of any credible microcredit, ask them for their opinion. The information they share with you can save you from falling into the hands of fraudsters.

2. Check the company’s website and social media presence

Seeing the name of the company on the internet does not end there. Take some time to read about the company using its website. This gives you more idea about the authenticity of the potential company you want to deal with. Make sure you check their “contact us page” to get their email, phone number, and even their physical location. 

Also, spend some time checking out whether they have social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. Look at the content they post, how frequent that is, the comments they get, as well as the reviews from their audience.  

3. Look out for years of existence/experience

Another crucial thing is to pay attention to the number of years the company has been in operation. This information most of the time can be found on their website. Fraudulent companies usually don’t exist for longer periods before their operations are clamped down by appropriate bodies like the bank of Ghana.

Getting to know the longevity of the company’s existence can also help you to be more confident that they have gained enough experience in the industry to be able to offer great services to clients. 

4. Contact them

Maybe you have gone through all these steps outlined above but you are still not convinced. Take a step further by calling the company or visiting their physical office if any to interact with their staff. This will help you ask relevant questions to be able to assess the credibility or otherwise of the company in question.

Hence pay attention to the answers they provide and reason well before making a decision. Don’t be tempted to think you have nothing to lose since you are the one taking money from them.  The consequences may be direr than you think.  

In conclusion, if you are already in financial difficulty and you are thinking of a credible and authentic credit company to access a loan facility, SRF Micro Credit is the best place. We have a team of dedicated and experienced professionals to make your lending experience a memorable one.

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