4 Ways To Start The Year Right

The year has already started, and as usual, everyone has a list of goals (resolutions) they have put before them and looking forward to achieving.

Unfortunately, many people will suddenly wake up to realize that 2023 is coming to an end, yet they have not achieved even a quarter of their resolutions or goals.

That is why we took the pain to address in four simple ways how to start right and eventually get at least 80% of your resolutions achieved in 2023.

1. Have a Time of Reflection

This is very important, and we believe it is the first thing everyone needs to do before even jumping into starting the year. You must deliberately make time, find a serene environment alone and reflect deeply on the previous year. Think about the things you wanted to achieve in 2022 and evaluate yourself. Think about your achievements, failures, and shortcomings, and try to understand why you couldn’t achieve all your goals. This exercise will give you a sense of direction for the New Year.

2. Make a List of the Things you couldn’t do

After you have had a good reflection on 2022, it is crucial to make a list of the goals you couldn’t execute. Obviously, there are some you may have to review but don’t do away with all the goals you couldn’t achieve and set new ones altogether. Try and figure out what made you incapable of achieving them and think of the best way to tackle them this time round.

3. Draft a Realistic Plan for 2023

They say if you fail to plan, then you have planned to fail. Having dreams or goals for the year written down is good, but it’s best if you have a workable plan that gives you a breakdown of how you intend to achieve your dreams. That plan should be broken down into weekly and possible daily actionable items. This helps you to track and measure whether you are making progress or not at every step of the way.

4. Take Immediate Action

Having drafted a realistic and workable plan of your dreams, the next most important step is to take action. Remember your dreams or goals will remain a white elephant if you refuse to take action on them. Hence challenge yourself this year and be more action-oriented so that you can achieve if not all, most of your resolutions for the year.

In conclusion, we are certain that some of your resolutions or goals for the year will require financial help to be executed.

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